Chai Galli - The Philosophy

How did Chai Galli Start?

It all started when Nihal was at a wedding in North India. A relative took Nihal to a tea shop and he was amazed at the tea stall’s loyal customers. It was not just tea that they served but excellent snacks and accompaniments too.

He noticed how small groups of friends and family arrived to relish the different kinds of teas and the snacks. They sat huddled in the winter morning in the sun as they sipped from steaming glasses of tea and bit into crunchy Pakodas, Samosas and other delicacies. It was as much of relishing the great tea and good food as it was a social gathering. Many men read the newspaper. Some, chatted about films and politics.

Nihal went there many times during his stay. The stall would open early and shut late and would be packed throughout the day. He started talking to various customers. Each one of them said that this was part of their daily routine and it was a social affair too. Most felt that the spicy and milky team gave them the energy for the day. All agreed that the food and accompaniments were superb.

Coffee or Tea - The Existential Question

Nihal became obsessed with the concept of this stall. Indians love tea. It is part of our culture. It is what we grow up with. Guests are offered tea and not cappuccino. Executives from multinationals throng to tea stalls to rejuvenate themselves during work load. When you go for a long drive or journey, you are on the lookout for tea stalls for re-energizing yourself. He didn’t recall anyone asking for  Café Au Latte!

India loves tea. Indians love snacks with their tea.

And, of course, tea is punctuates our daily lives. Tea breaks. Tea during office grinds. Tea at social engagements. And gossip, discussions or adda is never complete with tea.

Quench the Thirst for Tea

The idea grew stronger. The concept started blossoming. The concept was to provide a comfortable environment where the tea stall concept would be replicated. Great quality tea and delicious accompaniments would be provided while ensuring top quality hygiene and personalized service in air-conditioned comfort.

Great Times Over Tea

The objective of Chai Galli went beyond great food and teas. It was a place where people would gather – friends, relatives, couples, colleagues, business partners to enjoy a range of tea with superb side dishes. They could idle time. Or discuss heatedly on their next big project. Gossip. Or get into a debate on politics, films, people, society, literature, arts – just about anything under the sun. Or, simply hangout and enjoy each other’s company.

The Menu

The menu of Chai Galli was chosen carefully. It had to be simple, affordable and be delightful  to India’s intrinsic tastes. It also, had to reflect India’s evolving culinary tastes.

We took a page from a tea stalls book. Street food: delicious, but also hygienic. And, then we added a twist by adding a range of pizzas, pastas, sandwiches and juices.

Dive right into all-time favourites like Vada Pav, Sev Puri, Bhel Puri or try out Falafels, Baked Bean on Toast, Paninis or our delicious pastas.

And, what would Chai Galli be without great tea. From the streets, relish the Cutting Chai, Laung ki Chai or taste the refined and subtle flavours of Japanese, Oolong or the heavenly aromas of Darjeeling tea.

Above all, it had to be affordable.

Chai Galli’s Philosophy

Our vision is simple. Great times over great food. Our philosophy is to give you many experiences that will be etched as fond memories.