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India's Favourite Drink is Now A Lifestyle


Tea has many complex nuances. There are so many varieties from China, Darjeeling, Assam, Sri Lanka, Nilgiri's and many other places. In fact, there are marked differences in taste in teas produced in the same regions. To the milky, sweet tea which energizes us to the delicate aromatic teas which are prized for their complex notes, we have them all. Come enjoy our teas and our team is eager to spoil your palate with the finest.


Chaigalli provides you with an energizing experience which revolves around tea, great food in an exciting, quirky ambiance. We have many brands of tea - you'll love the Cutting Chai, Laung Ki Chai, Bangalorewali Chai which pack in energy with its spicy flavours. If you are looking for something exotic, try our Kahwa or Chamomile. You can tease your palate with Japanese, Chinese or the South African hand-picked tea Rooibos.


We understand that man cannot live with tea alone. And, that's why we have a range of exquisite vegetarian finger foods, snacks and meals which are as delicious as they are affordable. Discover the delights of street food - Chaats, Phuchka, Pani Puri, Samosas, Khakras and more. If you are craving for something heavier try our Parathas, Pizzas, Sandwiches, Paninis and Falafels. Our Mediterranean dishes are great too with lip-smacking Pastas and Risottos

Chai Galli Franchisee

Chai Galli's first franchisee opens to rave reviews in Chennai's Marina Mall.

Chai Galli's runaway success and the implementation of a successful business model is an incredible opportunity for those looking for a business opportunity.


if you're cool, energetic and are looking for the perfect place to hang out, chill, ideate, or start the next big market or artistic revolution, then Chai Galli is the place to be in!

Chai Galli
Chai Galli
Chai Galli
Chai Galli
Chai Galli
Chai Galli